OpenSearch widget for VuFind.
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OpenSearch widget for VuFind

This is just a rough proof-of-concept made during an eod hackathon back in 2011. Please do not use this in production, but merely as an inspiration!

Since the eod catalog is based on the popular VuFind library resource discovery system you can easily adapt this for other instances as well (or basically any other OpenSearch interface). VuFind is open source and developed and maintained by Villanova University's Falvey Memorial Library.


  • Adjust $eodOpenSearch in server/search.php according to your requirements.
  • Copy the server/* files to any webserver.
  • Adjust client/js/jquery.eod.js according to your requirements.
  • Add the client/js/* files to your website.
  • Take a look at client/index.html for integrating with your pages.


Instead of going for a client/server approach I'd do the RSS parsing completely client-side in Javascript nowadays. The server part just adds unnecessary complexity. Back in the day I was curious about jQuery-PHP and wanted to try it out. jQuery-PHP is open source and developed by Anton Shevchuk.

Known Issues

The OpenSearch interface of VuFind only returns the top 50 results. There is no paging or any chance of getting more hits.