19 Commits (4d9a1ffec018f88a744b34caee6eb668f36ab728)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Sebastian Meyer 094d9ed1f1 Remove MIN from default fileGrps 7 months ago
  Sebastian Meyer 366c9ae2d1 Make core deletion configurable 9 months ago
  Beatrycze Volk 446a4345d4 Update Solarium to 5.1.6 9 months ago
  Sebastian Meyer 03581bc3d8 Make usage of absolute links configurable 1 year ago
  Alexander Bigga 54a44b5deb Fix syntax for calling user functions from ext_conf_template (works 8.7 and 9.5) 1 year ago
  Alexander Bigga 488a917195 remove check for old cliDispatcher 2 years ago
  Lutz Helm 6fc3db3d73 Apply changes from IIIF feature branch - add IIIF cat. for extension config 2 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer 53316bc6c2 Check only for CLI dispatcher 2 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer 4db345ee13 Remove CLI user since it is no longer needed 2 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer 596e804d0c Add namespaces to ext_conf_template.txt 2 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer 425aedde5a Update code style 2 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer 919ee33f82 Move plugins to Classes/Plugins and add namespaces 2 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer bb7ac1ba6e Add namespaces to all common classes 2 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer 43d9d9c05f Move hooks to /Classes/Hooks 2 years ago
  Frank Ulrich Weber 6e694e23e3 Adds setting for Solr timeout 2 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer da690e1b1c
Rename variable for consistency 2 years ago
  Frank Ulrich Weber bb7383e01c Makes the Solr connection scheme configurable 2 years ago
  Frank Ulrich Weber 9536e9f13a Change default Solr port from 8180 to 8983 2 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer 2d94d953f6 Move all files out of "dlf" directory 3 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer 941ddec666 Add audioplayer framework 5 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer 06a58511e6 Rename "goobi" to "kitodo" 5 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer 1c0b2b2087 Remove ElasticSearch feature 5 years ago
  Alexander Bigga 8033e8ca07 remove unused configuration code 5 years ago
  Alexander Bigga babcff8ea0 fix typo 5 years ago
  Christopher Timm ee12245517 repository config 6 years ago
  Christopher Timm 980771c34a elastic search multi client configuration 7 years ago
  Christopher Timm 3407fae2c5 dev 7 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer 01c9bcbb24 Add a more generic approach for PDF download tool 7 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer ab288ce32e Add fileGrp configuration for fulltexts 7 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer 8e77cc9e5f Fix small typo in ext_conf_template.txt 8 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer 800ecc9e34 Do not overwrite existing format namespace definitions 8 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer 0b6ba0aba6 Add support for missing thumbnails 8 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer e5512fbf71 Make automatic publishing of new collections via OAI configurable 9 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer 42d4765858 Make unhiding of hidden documents configurable 9 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer 57d82ed83f Sort fileGrps by image size 9 years ago
  Henrik Lochmann 6545580051 - ext conf parameter for thumb groups renamed (only 1 group may be passed!) 9 years ago
  Henrik Lochmann 23a90540e5 - new global thumbnail configuration 9 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer 422e4f345d Fix Bug #909383: Make installation more easy 9 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer 20d5fca40a Localize extension configuration template 10 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer c63c83686f Fix Bug #747373: "DEFAULT" should be the only required file group. 10 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer 00fffce23a Fix Bug #797735: Make document caching configurable 10 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer ff012a3008 Change default user agent to "Goobi.Presentation" 10 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer 65ccaf31ce Initial upload to Launchpad. 10 years ago