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  Beatrycze Volk 1ba81f9633 Move js includes from source code to TS configuration 1 month ago
  Beatrycze Volk 5d6e3dc1e2 Move include of SearchInDocument.js to PageView 1 month ago
  Alexander Bigga e16676590f
Update Resources/Public/Javascript/PageView/FulltextControl.js 1 month ago
  Beatrycze Volk 2134911d3c
Update Resources/Public/Javascript/PageView/PageView.js 1 month ago
  Beatrycze Volk 4c63d4624d
Update Resources/Public/Javascript/PageView/FulltextControl.js 1 month ago
  Sebastian Meyer 2c97b9c2c6
Use correct bibliographic terms 1 month ago
  Alexander Bigga 64005ad42a Change language label 2 months ago
  Beatrycze Volk 6532b42071 Fix interaction initialization for this.map in ImageManipulation 2 months ago
  Beatrycze Volk af2769e896 Fix interaction initialization for OL map 2 months ago
  Sebastian Meyer 63beb3a21b Allow multiple file groups 2 months ago
  Sebastian Meyer 094d9ed1f1 Remove MIN from default fileGrps 2 months ago
  Beatrycze Volk ecb817909e Add configuration for fields which need to be highlighted in the image 2 months ago
  Sebastian Meyer e3a80be459
Fix typo 3 months ago
  Beatrycze Volk 5704868a04 Pass scroll id as param to method to avoid undefined 3 months ago
  Beatrycze Volk f9535e2de7 Add empty space after last span of the text line 3 months ago
  Alexander Bigga 857f14faf5 Proposal: Show uptime in format like "uptime" on linux console. 3 months ago
  Beatrycze Volk 593d8e20e2 Make scroll element for full text scrolling configurable 3 months ago
  Sebastian Meyer 6c8b905981 Use AES-256-GCM and SHA256 3 months ago
  Sebastian Meyer a52b1d3c22 Add API endpoint for Solarium 4.x 3 months ago
  Sebastian Meyer b8a4e7a6d0 Add support for Solarium 4.2 3 months ago
  Beatrycze Volk bdd92f2ccc Remove double submit of the search form 3 months ago
  Sebastian Meyer 54688f1d02 Change field label 4 months ago
  Sebastian Meyer 83a3c0f104 Remove HSC 4 months ago
  Sebastian Meyer a3c0a54d42 Remove flash message title 4 months ago
  Sebastian Meyer 55592ee7cf Change FieldWizard to FieldInformation 4 months ago
  Sebastian Meyer f71e10b463 Add Core status message 4 months ago
  Sebastian Meyer 1a02c7ef2d Try another approach 4 months ago
  Sebastian Meyer c167e08ec8 Fix indentation 4 months ago
  Alexander Bigga 2a5cef60b9 Add structure type "inventory" and "subinventory". 4 months ago
  Beatrycze Volk d0b2a572d9 Change launch state to numerical value and add activation on link click 4 months ago
  Beatrycze Volk d6daa1382e Reverse logic for active / inactive behavior 4 months ago
  Sebastian Meyer 301bc6d65b Replace suggester with select request handler 4 months ago
  Sebastian Meyer a29a7ca9f2 Remove duplicate concatenation 4 months ago
  Sebastian Meyer eaf009625f Assume data is JS object already 4 months ago
  Alexander Bigga 8f7f4e7d86 Add the listview plugin to the new content element wizard. 4 months ago
  Sebastian Meyer 366c9ae2d1 Make core deletion configurable 4 months ago
  Sebastian Meyer d5c882a0ff Fix SearchInDocument 4 months ago
  Sebastian Meyer 77aba3d66e Remove deprecated $.parseJSON() 4 months ago
  Sebastian Meyer b9ca493018 Update Solarium to 5.2.x 4 months ago
  Beatrycze Volk 348f18964f Change duplicated plugin to switch which changes full text behavior 4 months ago
  Beatrycze Volk 12355f4cd9 Add full text download tool and duplicate full text display for always 5 months ago
  Beatrycze Volk 618ecd5b6d Decrease complexity in FulltextControl 4 months ago
  Sebastian Meyer 7f7a7a9e43
Fix some of the Codacy issues 5 months ago
  Sebastian Meyer c9318ddf5a
Improve formatting for better readability 5 months ago
  Alexander Bigga d3c34c9408 Fix for SearchInDocument plugin if using routeEnhancers (Slug) 5 months ago
  Beatrycze Volk 8ef1d4010b Improve show of full text 5 months ago
  Beatrycze Volk dc758aebf1
Apply suggestions from code review 5 months ago
  Beatrycze Volk 5536185905 Remove unused params in enableFulltextSelect method 5 months ago
  Beatrycze Volk 854f739eb3 Fix dlfUtils initialization to match Codacy standards 5 months ago
  Beatrycze Volk 5e0c8ee824 Fix Codacy issues for FullTextUtility usage 5 months ago