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  Alexander Bigga 481ab5eae5
Merge pull request #608 from albig/fix-javascript-inclusion 1 week ago
  Alexander Bigga 6679f5c74f Inclusion of JavaScript in TypoScript must be simple array. 1 week ago
  Alexander Bigga 9113a5e647
Merge pull request #607 from beatrycze-volk/move-js-to-config 1 week ago
  Beatrycze Volk 1ba81f9633 Move js includes from source code to TS configuration 3 weeks ago
  Alexander Bigga f12eede159
Merge pull request #604 from albig/prepare-release-3.2.0 3 weeks ago
  Alexander Bigga f94b278397
Merge branch 'master' into prepare-release-3.2.0 3 weeks ago
  Alexander Bigga 4f5b1d0869
Merge pull request #605 from beatrycze-volk/move-js-to-pageview 3 weeks ago
  Alexander Bigga 3e5c6d7c5c
Update Documentation/Introduction/Index.rst 3 weeks ago
  Beatrycze Volk 5d6e3dc1e2 Move include of SearchInDocument.js to PageView 3 weeks ago
  Alexander Bigga 73ef64a84f Fix headings, update parts for TYPO3 9, update screenshot 3 weeks ago
  Alexander Bigga 74b236395d Update screenshots of Kitodo.Presentation examples. 3 weeks ago
  Alexander Bigga 51f499f3e3 Fix Sphinx warning 3 weeks ago
  Alexander Bigga 5abb7a4cb2 Rise version number and dependancy constraints 3 weeks ago
  Alexander Bigga 4d9a1ffec0
Merge pull request #592 from sebastian-meyer/allow-multiple-filegrps 3 weeks ago
  Alexander Bigga 466dcafc32
Merge branch 'master' into allow-multiple-filegrps 3 weeks ago
  Alexander Bigga 17bd286ba1
Merge pull request #603 from albig/fix-559 4 weeks ago
  Sebastian Meyer ecd8ec8422
Merge branch 'master' into allow-multiple-filegrps 4 weeks ago
  Alexander Bigga 5c50fd8d8c
Update Classes/Plugin/Collection.php 4 weeks ago
  Sebastian Meyer 05e70cdae4
Rephrase comments to be more consistent 4 weeks ago
  Sebastian Meyer 440d9bcf69
Merge branch 'master' into fix-559 4 weeks ago
  Sebastian Meyer 7b60b2d17d
Merge pull request #588 from beatrycze-volk/search-highlight-word 4 weeks ago
  Alexander Bigga 9cac0e0639 Make the collection listview more robust agains missing volume_sorting. 4 weeks ago
  Alexander Bigga 2b6735e234 Use mets_orderlabel for sorting as fallback. 4 weeks ago
  Alexander Bigga db7285a2aa Prefer ORDER label over year(_sorting) fallback in volume sorting. 4 weeks ago
  Alexander Bigga e16676590f
Update Resources/Public/Javascript/PageView/FulltextControl.js 4 weeks ago
  Alexander Bigga 698773c5f4
Update Classes/Plugin/Tools/FulltextTool.php 4 weeks ago
  Alexander Bigga 65fc96de35
Update Documentation/Plugins/Index.rst 4 weeks ago
  Beatrycze Volk 2134911d3c
Update Resources/Public/Javascript/PageView/PageView.js 1 month ago
  Beatrycze Volk 4c63d4624d
Update Resources/Public/Javascript/PageView/FulltextControl.js 1 month ago
  Beatrycze Volk 2d044467d4
Update Documentation/Plugins/Index.rst 1 month ago
  Beatrycze Volk 9d82770abe
Update Configuration/TypoScript/Toolbox/setup.txt 1 month ago
  Sebastian Meyer d4771b7308
Merge branch 'master' into search-highlight-word 1 month ago
  Sebastian Meyer f20a9e6d56
Merge pull request #545 from albig/search-plugin-enhance 1 month ago
  Sebastian Meyer a30c459126
Use correct bibliographic terms 1 month ago
  Sebastian Meyer 2c97b9c2c6
Use correct bibliographic terms 1 month ago
  Alexander Bigga cc128f108f
Merge pull request #8 from kitodo/scrutinizer-patch-2 1 month ago
  Scrutinizer Auto-Fixer 79d9a5aab3 Scrutinizer Auto-Fixes 1 month ago
  Alexander Bigga b55efa21aa Change first filterQuery to sub-query as it is not accepted/executed otherwise. 1 month ago
  Alexander Bigga 64005ad42a Change language label 1 month ago
  Alexander Bigga 13ea40ae37 Simplify code (Scrutinizer hint) 1 month ago
  Alexander Bigga b230130e4e Merge branch 'search-plugin-enhance' of github.com:albig/kitodo-presentation into search-plugin-enhance 1 month ago
  Alexander Bigga 914c3b1f06 Reenable search in year types with descendants and single documents. 1 month ago
  Alexander Bigga d75f541a44
Merge branch 'master' into search-plugin-enhance 1 month ago
  Sebastian Meyer 00289bd319
Merge pull request #602 from beatrycze-volk/fix-initalization 1 month ago
  Beatrycze Volk 6532b42071 Fix interaction initialization for this.map in ImageManipulation 1 month ago
  Alexander Bigga b69d040e81
Merge branch 'master' into search-plugin-enhance 1 month ago
  Alexander Bigga c7ca11c3fe
Merge branch '3.x' into search-plugin-enhance 1 month ago
  Beatrycze Volk af2769e896 Fix interaction initialization for OL map 1 month ago
  Sebastian Meyer 57353530a8
Merge pull request #600 from kitodo/albig-patch-1 1 month ago
  Sebastian Meyer 3893e9565b
Consistently use upper case in headings 1 month ago