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Kitodo.Presentation is highly customizable through a user-friendly backend and flexible design templates. Since it is based on the great free and open source Content Management System [TYPO3](, it integrates perfectly with your website and can easily be managed by editors. Kitodo.Presentation provides a comprehensive toolset covering all requirements for presenting digitized media. It implements international standards such as [IIIF Image API](, [IIIF Presentation API](, [OAI Protocol for Metadata Harvesting](, [METS](, [MODS](, [TEI](, [ALTO](, and can be configured to support any other descriptive XML format using simple XPath expressions. With Kitodo.Presentation you can publish digitized books, manuscripts, periodicals, newspapers, archival materials, audio and video.

For a complete overview of all features, visit the [Kitodo homepage](

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