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A tool for creating technical documents and web standards.

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LOM for Higher Education OER Repositories.

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OpenRefine is a free, open source power tool for working with messy data and improving it. This repository contains Dockerbuild files for automated builds.

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This fork extends the command line interface (CLI) and is distributed as a convenient one-file-executable (Windows, Linux, Mac). It is also available via Docker Hub, PyPI and Binder.

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Shell script to run OpenRefine in batch mode (import, transform, export). It orchestrates OpenRefine (server) and a python client that communicates with the OpenRefine API.

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This docker image contains mermaid 7.0.11 and is build on top of the official node 8.8.1 image.

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OpenRefine on Binder!

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Kurs "Bibliotheks- und Archivinformatik" im Studiengang Information Science der FH Graubünden

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How to control OpenRefine 3.3+ with cURL (and jq) in Bash scripts

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Werkzeuge und Verfahren zur Standardisierung von OER-Metadaten.

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Einführung in SKOS am Beispiel von Open Educational Resources (OER).

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OpenSearch widget for VuFind.

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Tutorial: Installation und Konfiguration einer Demo von VuFind mit VirtualBox

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Simple OAI-PMH 2.0 Data Provider.

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Service Card for Open Educational Resources.

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Vorlage zur Konvertierung von Informationspraxisartikeln von DOCX via MD nach HTML, EPUB und PDF

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Vortrag auf dem KIM-Workshop 2020 über die Publikation und kollaborative Pflege von Spezifikationen mit ReSpec und GitHub.

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